Is this a“good” school district? I get asked this question quite often. As a Realtor I am not allowed to give my opinion or recommendation as to “the best” schools or school districts in the area.

Federal Fair Housing laws prevent me, and any Realtor, from discriminating against a number of protected classes. This prohibits me from disclosing anything remotely related to those protected classes. Therefore, I cannot disclose crime rates, school stats, or ethnic mixes of neighborhoods. If that information is important in your home buying decisions, I CAN tell you where to find that information.

I had an interesting experience this past weekend that highlights why it is important to do the research yourself when it comes to “the best school.” On Saturday I met with a family who currently rents their home and want to become home-owners. When discussing where they want to live, they were very firm that they want to remain in their current school district, ABCDistrict. Their daughter is currently a third grader and they have been very satisfied with her education. They don’t want to remove her from a place she is comfortable and friends she knows and loves.

On Sunday I met with a family that currently owns a home in that same district, ABC District. They have been very dis-satisfied with the educational experience in the same district and are preparing to sell their current home and move so their children can attend different schools.

Both of these families have developed very personal and subjective opinions about the same schools. What is good for one family isn’t for the other. That’s why I will not, and cannot, share my own opinion about the quality of area schools.

Here are links to two of the best sites that relate to school performance and excellence. Pennsylvania School Performance Profile, ( andGreat Schools, (

Some additional suggestions for researching schools; Look for recommendation from like-minded friends and family. Take a tour of schools. Ask to sit in on classes and/or walk the hallways during a school day. If your children have special needs, meet with the director of that specialty. Discuss curriculum and classroom management with teachers.

Every school, every district has good and bad qualities, and NOTHING is perfect. Do your research if schools are important in your buying decision so you make the best choice for your family and your investment.

I have sold homes in every school district in Central Pa and I am ALWAYS available as a resource for information or referrals.